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Lighthouse is an indicator of support and immunity amounts.

It displays the chief trading levels in order of significance.

When a level is clearly broken, its color and function change. Support becomes resistance and vice versa.

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  • Automatic adjustment to the timeframe of the main chart
  • Displays just the most significant support and resistance levels
  • instantly reacts graphically to apparent symptoms of levels
  • Thick support/resistance levels are more significant than lean ones

  • analysis mode: Select one of three different scanning modes (intraday, medium and high timeframes) or use the automatic setting (default).
  • Sensitive modeto detect higher levels of support and resistance. It is recommended to use this parameter for intraday trading. Set the value to false to reduce the number of support and resistance levels displayed.
  • SR Distance in Pips: A configurable value for the built-in distance check of support and resistance levels. Measures the distance between the current price and the next Lighthouse levels.

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The recommended default value is 5 pips. If the current price is at a distance of 5 pips to the next support/resistance level, the message “WAIT” will appear.

If the distance between the current price and the next support/resistance level exceeds 5 pips, the message “GO” will appear.

The value of SR Distance in pips can be adjusted at your discretion. Use the value that best suits your strategy.

  • Fill buffers with: fill buffers with the price values of support and resistance levels OR the results of built-in calculations.

This parameter is intended for developers. You can use calculations and indicator buffers in two ways.

By default, Lighthouse fills all eight available buffers with the values of the most important support/resistance levels.

But you can fill them with the following values: srdistancecheckresult, highestsr, lowestsr, nextabove, nextbelow

Send the purchase confirmation to Lighthouse to get the relevant code snippets.

  • Display SR check box: Display the results of the built-in distance check of support/resistance levels on the left side of your chart. Set falseto hide the results of this check.
  • Display Lighthouse levels: This parameter is responsible for all displayed support and resistance levels. If false, the plotted lines are not displayed.
  • Display Levels in the background: show all support/resistance levels behind the candles. If true, the levels are displayed in the foreground.
  • Color, Font and Thickness settings: Set the font for text blocks and the color of support/resistance levels. Choose at your discretion.

  • Enable SR distance warning: If true, alerts will be sent if the price approaches the next support/resistance level.
  • Enable SR switch notification: If true, alerts will be sent if the support/resistance level changes its role from support to resistance or vice versa.
  • alertson: Enable alerts (audio, email, and push notifications). False-disable all alerts.
  • alertsmessage: Enable alert in the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • alertssound: Enable a sound alert in the MetaTrader 4 platform.
  • alertsemail: Enable email notification (you need to pre-configure it in your MetaTrader 4 platform).
  • alertsnotification: Enable push notifications (you need to pre-configure them in your MetaTrader 4 platform).
  • Soundfile: Name of the audio file for the sound notification. The file must be located in the “Sounds” folder in the installation directory of the MetaTrader 4 platform.


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