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The Limpid pro works on weak and fast markets, and trades on the information.

The Expert Advisor places pending orders with indicators, price movement speed and assorted built-in blockers.

The plan removes the floating reduction and is acceptable for account with a small deposit. It can use a $ 50 deposit.

Signal monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/emporium/seller

  • minus martingale
  • doesn’t use a grid
  • does not use arbitration
  • Without other insecure strategies
If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me

  • It can function with a small deposit
  • just pending orders
  • Each transaction has a hard SL
  • Profit by trailing, but with a take profit
  • It can work with a fixed lot and MM
  • Order with expiration time
  • It can delete orders with a high spread, and then restore them
  • Can trade on the news
  • SL correction
  • No floating losses
  • All pending orders are deleted at 23: 00 broker time

  • VPS server
  • ECN-broker with low commission and spread
  • EURUSD pair
  • Timeframe H1
  • The maximum spread is 10 points
  • The maximum stop level is less than 20 points

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  • Maximum Spread-limit the spread for placing pending orders
  • Lots – fixed lot size
  • AutoLot % – Automatic lot as a percentage, works as a money management
  • Take Profit-Take Profit in pips
  • Stop Loss – Stop Loss in pips
  • Time Frame – Time frame, H1 or 60 by default
  • Slippage – Slippage in pips
  • Magic No – Unique identifier of the Expert’s orders
  • Show Info – show / hide information on the chart;
  • Text Color – the color of the information text on the chart
  • Disable Alerts – if true, the Expert Advisor does not show pop-up notifications

The Expert Advisor is already optimally configured for trading on a real account. But you can always change the parameter values.


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