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The algorithm is optimized for Nasdaq trading

The trading expert is based on the constant management of long positions with daily profit taking,

if there is one, and the temporary termination of work during the implementation of long-term corrections.

The trading principle of the expert advisor is based on the historical volatility of the traded asset.

The values of the correction size (InpMaxMinusForMarginCallShort) and the Maximum Drop (InpMaxMinusForMarginCallLong) are set manually.

The working TF of the expert is D1, keep this in mind when working with the expert

* Use the robot on CFDs on indices, in particular, the expert advisor shows good results on NASDAQ futures

* Use the re-opening of the position after the correction (InpReOpenAfterMargin) with a set deviation value of 0.02-0.1 (InpReOpenProfit)

* Use the volume step (InpVolumeStep) 0.01 to gradually increase the volume of the position

* Use a small amount of profit for fixing (InpMinimumProfit) to constantly update the used volumes and increase the position

It is not recommended to use an expert advisor on forex due to the ” eternal sideways movement”

We do not recommend using short positions (InpUseShort) and changing the direction of the position (InpChangeSide) when reaching a critical point (InpReOpenProfit)

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Volume Management

    InpLongCoefficient-The coefficient of the used volume for long positions

    InpShortCoefficient-The coefficient of the used volume for short positions

    InpVolumeStep-Volume change step

    InpMinimumVolume – Minimum volume

    InpMaximumVolume – Maximum volume

    InpUseIntegerVolume – Use of integer volume, usually used when trading instruments with integer lots (not CFDs)

    * The volume is calculated as follows: UserBalance / InpCoefficient * InpVolumeStep

Position Management

    InpUseLong-Access to long positions

    InpUseShort-Allows you to use short positions, we recommend that you disable this option when working with indices and stocks

Margin Call Management

    InpMarginCall-Closing a position when a certain drawdown level is reached

    InpMarginFromBalance-Regulation, relative to what the drawdown is considered, if true-from the user’s balance, if false-from the asset price relative to the position opening price

    InpChangeSide-Action when fixing a losing position, if true, the position will open in the other direction, if false, the direction will not change

    InpMaxMinusForMarginCallLong – The maximum allowable drawdown when using long positions at which the position will be closed (0.3 = 30%)

    InpMaxMinusForMarginCallShort – The maximum allowable drawdown when using short positions at which the position will be closed (0.3 = 30%)

    InpMinimumProfit – The minimum required profit, at which the profit will be fixed and a new position will be opened in the same direction, is specified in the profit value

ReOpen Management

    InpReOpenAfterMargin – Whether it is acceptable to open a new position after closing unprofitable ones (initially set to false, but the Expert Advisor works more effectively when set to true), use true to transplant deep corrections or crises

    InpReOpenProfit – % of the deviation from the price from the closing price of the position, allowed for opening a new one, is specified in a fractional value (0.3 = 30%)

Worket Time Management

    InpWorkedHourFirst – First working hour

    InpWorkedHourSecond – Second working hour

    InpWorkedHourTheerd – Third working hour

    InpUsedSecondTime – Using the second working hour

    InpUsedTheerdTime – Using the third working hour

    InpSkipBadMonths-Skip losing months (aug, sep, dec) (for nasdaq)


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