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Lot signal multiplier


Copy trades from a good signal on MT4? Then you probably don’t have enough lot size of 0.01.

This utility will create additional orders with the dimension you set (Multiplier), copy TP and SL from the source. For convenience, there is an additional parameter-a filter (Signal comment) for the comment-the name of the signal.

  • Multiplier – the lot size of new orders. There will be more than one order from the signal, but also a second open with this dimension.;
  • Signal comment – if filled in, only orders with the value of the “Comment” field will be copied”;
  • Send mail? – send an e-mail notification;
  • Send Notification? – send a push notification to your mobile device.

  • You are subscribed to the MP1 signal. Orders are created with a lot of 0.01, and you want 0.10;
  • Set in the settings “Multiplier” =0.09 and “Signal comment” =MP1;
  • 2 orders will be created: one with a lot of 0.01, the second 0.09, which is 0.10 in total;
  • The time for creating the second order will of course be slightly delayed (the time for processing the list of orders).
Be careful with the wishes for the dimension of the lot. Take into account the signal drawdowns.
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