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the Weis Wave first takes the marketplace volume and then arranges it using the cost into Wave charts. it is the only software that will exhibit the
true image of the market before you. If anybody of you, has observed an intraday price movement then you must know that it unfolds in some
selling as well as purchasing waves-a procedures tearing down and building up.

Wave analysis is an integral part of the trading process. The indicator helps to deal with today’s volatile market. moreover, it works in all
time period and may be applied to almost any market. You will be amazed to see the performance of the indicator and the way it identifies the turning
points. In contrary with the conventional charts, this indicator presents the market condition clearly.


  • As a trader, you are able to understand the market condition by analyzing the individual waves that it makes
  • The indicator provides both volumes as well as price waves for any market
  • The indicator provides you with deep insight into a market as well as is used for trades for the long-haul, swing trades and intraday

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