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Our MACD Master is the Expert Advisor you were searching for.

It is easy to set up and brings Money Management such as automated or fixed Stop loss, risk management with fixed amount or percentage on the
Account Balance or Account Equity and the most important for a solid system, the definition of the risk ratio – CRV.

The system is based on the original idea of the MACD.

Whenever the fast EMA and the slow EMA of the MACD are crossing a sell or buy signal is being created.

To verify the signal on its strength, the signal is cross checked against the EMA 200.

A buy signal of the MACD is only valid is a verified up trend, means the Ask price is above the EMA 200.

For the sell signal goes the same, but the Bid price must be below the EMA 200.

Especially for the  Forex market an CRV of 3 makes the EA to a very solid and reliable system.

Test the DEMO version 4 weeks for free!


1) fixed or automated stop loss: fixed stop loss, you define the stop in pips. Automated Stop loss, based on the last candles the stop
loss will be calculated by the system

2) define your stop loss in pips: if you chose fixed stop loss, enter a SL in pips here

3) Choose Risk Management: define if you want ..% of your account or a fixed value

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4) define your risk according to your risk management: enter a value in percent or money

5) Risk Ratio – CRV: for Forex it is the best to go for 3

6) Max open orders: define how many orders are allowed at the same time

7) Equity or Balance: when you defined a risk in percent, enter on which Account level it shall be calculated

8) How many currency pairs: if you want to share the rest equal on many pairs of your account, enter the number off pairs you are trading
simultaneous. If you want the risk per trade nevertheless how many pairs, keep the 1.

9) Auto mode min SL size: define an absolute minimum SL, or set 0

10) Auto mode max SL size: define an absolute maximum SL, or set 0

11) MACD fast: MACD setting fast EMA. Standard is 12

12) MACD slow: MACD setting slow EMÁ. Standard is 26

13) EMA reference EMA for the robot to open a trade. standard is 200

14) comment enter a name for your EA in case you are running different EAs on the same Account

15) show comment show the trading box or not. standard is show

16) text color for the trading box

17) values color for the trading box

18) Magic number give your EA a unique Magic Number


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