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MACD two line four color For MT5


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needed for dealers: tools and indexes

The MACD is called the convergence and divergence moving average, which is created based on a double exponential moving average. The fast exponential moving average (EMA12) is subtracted from the slow exponential moving average (EMA26) to receive a fast DIF, and then by a factor of 2. (9-Day Weighted Moving Average DEA Express DIF-DIF) Get the MACD column. The value of the MACD is basically the same as the double moving average, that is, the variance and aggregation of fast and slow moving averages characterize the current long / short status and the possible trend of stock prices, but it is more convenient to read. Change MACD is a change in the market trend, and MACD various levels of the K-line represents the trend of buying and selling in the current cycle levels.
1. This indicator adds a two-line MACD display,
2. And apply 4 different gradients to the energy column!

I strongly recommend trend indicators, automatic calculation of the wave standard and the MT5 version of the automatic calculation of the wave standard. 

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