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Manual BackTester Panel


The Manual backtester Panel utility allows you to simulate manual trading in the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester.

The panel works only in the Visual mode of the MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester.

The demo version allows you to open and close ten orders, after which the program automatically turns off.

The utility has no parameters during initialization.

The panel has Buy and Sell buttons for placing market orders.

In the TP and SL fields, you can set the take profit and stop loss, respectively, measured in points from the order opening price.

In the Lot field is set to the size of the order.

The window below the fields shows a list of open orders and their parameters: ticket, type, lots, profit.

By double-clicking the left mouse button, you can mark an order, then close it by clicking on the “Close Order From List” button.

The panel supports up to eight open orders, as a larger number of orders will close the test chart.

Also, the take profit and stop loss of each order can be modified manually. To do this, click twice on the stop loss or take profit line and then manually move the line to the desired price.

The panel can be minimized by clicking the icon in the upper-right corner.

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