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Market Working Time Marker


  • NumberOfDays – the period of rendering frames, the default is 50 days;
  • Draw_asian_box-draw a frame for the Asian session, by default – true;
  • Draw_asian_text – to designate the movement of prices in the Asian session, the PIP, the default value is true;
  • Draw_asian_box_as_outline-disable border color filling, draw only border outlines, by default – false;
  • Begin_1 – start time of the Asian session;
  • End_1 – end time of the Asian session;
  • Color_1 – color of the Asian session frame;
  • The framework for the European session and the New York session is set up in the same way.
  • Alert50EMA-send an alert when the price crosses the 50-period EMA, by default – true;
  • Alert50Pips – the number of pips that the EMA must pass to activate alerts, by default-20;
  • Similar settings for Alert200 and Alert800.
  • DrawStopHuntBox-draw the frame of the “foot hunt”, by default – true;
  • StopHuntBoxColor – the color of the “foot hunt”frame.

  • Open the list of indicators or press “Ctrl I“, select AI_WorkTimes and select the “Tab”.Input parameters“.
  • The instructions for setting the input parameters are shown in the screenshots.
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