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Spread Record Standart MT5


The Spread Record Standart indicator displays the spread for each price bar in the form of a bar chart. Five values are stored as spread values:

  • The spread level at the time of the opening of the bar;
  • The maximum spread level reached during the bar;
  • Minimum spread level reached during the bar;
  • The spread level at the close of the bar;
  • The average spread level during the bar (displayed as a green dot at the corresponding bar level).

In addition to displaying price bars, SpreadRecord also has a small built-in panel, opening which, you can see the current value of the spread in points of the instrument. This will help you quickly navigate the current situation on it.

When the indicator or terminal is closed, the received values are saved to the user’s hard disk. At startup, the indicator loads previously saved values from the file and displays them as if the indicator was not restarted. If there is no information about the spread in the file, SpreadRecord takes the system value of the maximum spread from MetaTrader 5 (in addition to the quote history, MetaTrader 5 also stores the history of the maximum spread level for each bar). SpreadRecord shows the system value of its maximum level as red dots and only when there is no custom history for these bars. You can also enable the forced display of the system spread by setting the Always Draw System Spread parameter to true.

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To accumulate the full history, you need to keep this indicator enabled on the symbol and timeframe whose spread history you want to keep (each timeframe uses its own independent spread history).

Thanks to the advanced data storage format, the history of quotations is stored in a compressed form, thereby achieving significant savings in the occupied space on the hard disk. So, the annual spread history on the minute timeframe takes only 6 MB.

In addition to the parameter of forced display of the system spread, the indicator does not contain any other settings. All you need to do is simply run it on the chart and, if desired, open an additional panel of the current spread level. The search for the required file and the collection of available data occur automatically.

Tracking the current spread is an integral part of successful trading. Here are just a few reasons why this indicator should be in the set of every professional trader:

  • The minimum spread level is always close to its average values (the broker keeps the spread, not allowing it to decrease);
  • Very often there are situations when the spread level increases significantly without any strong price movement;

Set the Spread Record indicator on the minute chart of any instrument and just watch. After a while, you will definitely see interesting trading situations and a lot of other useful information that was previously hidden from you.

You can try the free version of this indicator: Spread Record Lite MT5. The Lite version, although it saves the accumulated history of quotes to a file, does not load them when the indicator starts. Thus, the Lite version starts displaying the spread history from the moment the indicator is launched. However, if you decide to switch from the Lite version to the Standart version, the spread history previously saved in the Lite version will be available to you.


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