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MEGA Correlator allows you to track the speed and strength of your favorite currency pairs.

From the moment the Expert Advisor is loaded, it will open virtual positions on all available currency pairs, measure and display the directions in which they move, as well as the price difference of these currency pairs.

It also shows which pairs are moving faster and displays the fastest pair in the control panel of the financial instrument window.

The Expert Advisor does all this in one indicator window.

And this means not only that when you click on the MEGA Volume tab of the control panel, trading volumes and the number of ticks will be displayed.

MEGA Correlator displays data in the form of animated bars that are updated on each tick, and if you want to start again, just reload the Expert Advisor from the navigator panel.

There are several buttons on the control panel that allow you to control the animation and the number of characters displayed.

There is also a window showing the fastest or leading currency pair. Click on this window to open a graph where you can see what is happening.

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