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Volumes for the Micro second chart platform.


A second chart will increase the accuracy of your inputs and outputs by an order of magnitude. A second period, in the usual format, will allow you to see what was previously hidden. Free indicators will complement the visual picture, which, together, will take your trading to a new level.

Ideal for both scalpers and intraday traders. 

The Volumes indicator for the Micro platform.

Input parameters:

  • Timeframe, sek. 0-auto – plotting period, seconds. 0-setting by Micro platform period(Does not work with the demo version of the platform!) 
  • Displayed bars – displayed bars
  • Volumes – volume type

Paid version:

  • Micro “Second charts” 

Free indicators:

  • Micro Moving Average
  • Micro MACD
  • Micro Volume

Free demo version:

  • Micro “Second charts” Demo

Important! For the correct operation of the platform, you need to set the period M1. Since the MT5 terminal takes time to load the tick history, the platform or indicators may issue an Alert (“Failed to load tick history. Work only online. Restart the terminal after a while.”). The platform and indicators will work online building a graph from the moment they are launched. For full operation, you need to restart the terminal or platform after a while. 

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