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MOR Inside Bar Movement


This indicator is designed to analyze the price movement inside the bar. The indicator draws the contours of the bars of the higher timeframes on the current chart.

  • TimeFrame – the timeframe of the bars to display
  • numberOfDays – the number of days included in the operation of the indicator
  • Bull_Body – the body color of the bull bar
  • Bear_Body – the body color of the bear bar
  • ShadowUp – the color of the upper shadow of the bar
  • ShadowLow – the color of the lower shadow of the bar
  • Selectable – enable disable the ability to select drawn objects
  • Back_Body – enable disable filling of the bar body
  • Back_Shadow – enable disable filling of bar shadows
  • Label – enable disable the display of the indicator timeframe
  • Label_X, Label_Y-coordinates of the indicator timeframe display

The indicator does not support drawing values from a monthly timeframe.

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