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Moving Average Price Proximity Alert


The flexibly configurable Moving Average / Price Proximity Alert is a fully automated alert system for monitoring a user-defined moving average in relation to a price action.

  • Automatically receives alerts when the price touches or crosses the user’s moving average
  • Push Notifications
  • Alerts by e-mail
  • Pop-up notifications on the screen
  • Customizable alerts module

Traders can manage:

  • Minimum time between alerts in seconds
  • Maximum number of alerts received
  • Time to reset the alert counter

  • Enable Alert System – enable / disable alerts
  • Enable Push Alerts-send push notifications to mobile devices
  • Enable MT4 On-screen pop-up alerts-enable pop-up alerts
  • Enable Email Alerts – enable alerts via e-mail
  • Price / MA Proximity Alert Sound-alert about the proximity of the price to the moving average
  • Maximum Number of Alerts – the maximum number of alerts displayed in the corresponding window (controlled by the parameter below).
  • Minimum Time Between each alert in seconds – the minimum time interval between alerts in seconds
  • Reset Alert Counter after (x) minutes-reset the alert counter after the specified number of minutes
  • Type of Proximity Alert-set the alert type: Printed-the price crossed the moving average at the close of the last bar and Touch-the price only touched the moving average
  • Moving Average Period – the period of the moving average
  • Moving Average Shift – shift of the moving average by the specified number of bars. It is not recommended to use it, since the moving average is delayed by itself and it makes no sense to use negative shift values to get an earlier signal. It is better to use a shorter period of the moving average for this purpose
  • Moving Average calculation method – method for calculating the moving average: Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, and Linear Weighted)
  • Moving Average Applied Price – the type of moving average price: Close (close), Open (Open), High( maximum), Low( minimum), Median( average), Typical (typical) and Weighted (Weighted)
  • Suppress Information Alerts-disable alerts after resetting the alert counter

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  • Copy the ex4 file to the Indicators folder of the MetaTrader 4 terminal
  • Open the Navigator (Ctrl-N)
  • Right-click on any indicator category in the window and select “Update” from the drop-down list.
  • The Moving Average Price Proximity Alert will appear in the Indicators folder in the Navigator.
  • Drag the indicator onto the chart and get started!


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