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MR Reversal Patterns 4


The indicator was created for the “Masters of Risk” trading system.

  •  It shows a change in the trend structure of the market.
  •  Shows the structure of the market.
  •  The indicator shows the key places of reversals in the market.
  •  Patterns contain the accumulated volume in the market.
  •  The structure of the models is similar to the MW indicators, but they were created from scratch according to the author’s methodology.
  •  Model 1 is called “Pereprior” (author’s name), aModel 2 is called “Scrapping” (auth. name). Learn more on the channel or website “Masters of Risk”
  •  Model 1 is more efficient thanModel 2, for market reversals.
  •  In combination with the “MR Range Breakouts 4” indicator, you can see where the players who are locked in the range remain.

How to use indicators-Article
For MetaTrader 5

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