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It’s been a popular indicator at China forex community.  Rewritten for MT5.


BUY/SELL signals are triggered when moving retreat. 

Gray channel – sideway, that might trigger both BUY/SELL signal

Maroon channel – uptrend, that only triggers BUY signal

Green channel – downtrend, that only triggers SELL signal

There’re 6 types of signal texts displayed on chart:





SL-BUY: SL means stoploss


4 signal alert methods are provided for above 4 signals (BUY/SELL/CLOSE-BUY/CLOSE-SELL) – but default are set off. 

You might elect to set that on.

Popup Alert

Sound Alert

Mail Alert

Mobile Alert

5. “nBarMax” – you might set the max K bars to be calculated/displayed.

6. You might set your desired text/channel colors at “ColorVariables” section.

Note: In certain circumstances, the signals will be slightly repainted.  However it’s still good if you want early signal popup.


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