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Multi Chart Synchronization OthersToFirstChart


This product can be used to synchronize multiple Charts, and each Chart can be set to a different sync mode. With this product you can better
view and manipulate charts: different time frames for a single Symbol, the same time frame for multiple Symbols, system indicators for
single/multiple Symbols… and more.

PS: The link below is the FreeDemo product, you can use it on EURUSD/XUAUSD/USDCNH symbol:



  • Chart settings can be synchronized, including : background, indentation, size, etc.
  • Multiple Chart window start times or end times can be synchronized.
  • Multiple Chart time frames can be synchronized.
  • Multiple Chart system Indicators can be synchronized.
  • MT5 can only run one EA/Script for a Chart. This product is compiled in the form of Indicator and does not affect the superposition of
    other EAs/Scripts.

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How To Use:
  • Your first open Chart is your operation Chart,  you need to load the program into other
    ,  please do not load this program into your operation Chart.
  • ” Your first open Chart “ means :  When your Chart is empty,  Your first open Symbol
    . (Sometimes you open a lot of Symbol charts, and you dragged the Chart in the Chart List, which causes your leftmost chart
    is not your first.)
  • IsChartSynchronize=true;              // Whether to synchronize chart settings of Chart, including window start time.
  • IsTimeFrameSynchronize=true;     // Whether to synchronize the timeframe of the Chart
  • IsSysIndicatorsSynchronize=true;  // Whether to synchronize the system Indicators of Chart
  • SynRefreshMillisecond=100;          // Set the millisecond frequency of synchronization
  • IsLockShift=true;                          // Is Lock Chart Start_Times And

    • —true  : the default setting just like previous version.
      —false : after synchronize to the first
      chart, you can drag your other charts, and change ChartScale. If you operate the first chart again, Sync again.
    • This feature makes synchronization flexible, You can also operate other charts while retaining the sync function.
  • LeftSyn=true; //true: left synchronized / false: right synchronized
    • If you setting right sync, this function can be used for rewinding.


Thanks for using my program.

PS: In my experience, sometimes the Symbol have no data, the MT5 will download the data from the server,  which
will lead to slowness. I recommend you my another software,  it will help to download data to your system , the Demo version can
satisfy your function.




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