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Multi Strategy Bear Version 2


This Expert Advisor (100% automatic) can combine two indicators to create a strategy, this version called the “Bearish version” (the MAIN VERSION) contains 2 indicators: CCI and RSI.

With a simple personal message, you can contact me to ask for your “bearish” (or SUPERIOR version) adviser with the indicators you have chosen and with your conditions, and after I agree, I will put it on the market here, or follow the link at the bottom of the page that will lead you to my Telegram contact.

If you can’t find the right strategy for you, I can create one for you (based on EA)

The conditions are well defined:

The entrance is long; CCI is above/below the level line
Entry is short; CCI above/below the level line
The output is long; the RSI crosses the level line up/down
Exit Short; RSI crosses the level line up/down
Take Profit and Stop Loss can be changed at will
100% automatic
This Expert Advisor has a built-in function called “Spread Limit”. This feature allows you to enter the market only when the spread is less than or equal to your chosen entry.
The robot is very intuitive and easy to understand, and all changeable values are included for backtests.

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Changeable values

Input lots;
Take Profit and Stop Loss (in pips);
CCI period and level line;
Line of periods and RSI levels;
Enter or exit the market only Long or only Short
Spread limits (maximum spread for opening a trade);
Notification of open trade;
After downloading the EA, you will find two free gift strategies tested from 2019/05/30 to 2020/05/30 at the AUD/CAD intersection.

(which, however, can be changed at will)

In this update, we find more freedom for the functions of the Expert Advisor, you can choose how to enter/exit the market using an indicator for entry and one for exit, but with two different types of entry/exit, as a gift of 2 m15 AUD/CAD strategies.

Bear version 2.0 (free)

You will find the results in the images.


The following versions will be richer than many other elements:
News filter (based on news investing.com ) with the ability to turn on/off up to three different types of news, news alerts, lines on the chart for possible manual trading, time zone in GMT and, of course, the ability to stop trading during the news
The ability to insert more than 5 indicators both in the entry/ exit from a long position and in the entry / exit from a short position simultaneously or separately to create a super customizable strategy
From the very beginning, determine the maximum number of trades that you want to open
The “daily trading session” consists in choosing the days and times you want to trade so that you can test your strategy by avoiding the days and times you have chosen, for example, you want to be active in the market on Monday with your Adviser from 10:00 to 16:00, with this function you can trade at the hours and days you set.
Enable receiving notifications in your Telegram group every time the ADVISER opens an operation or sends a signal
In the “Signal Only” mode, the adviser will not open operations, but will continue to send notifications only when your conditions occur.
The adviser can also be changed after purchase
This is a free version, and basically to get an Expert Advisor and buy it here on the market, contact me

Telegram contact —–

Or contact her in person for your personal advisor


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