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Multi TimeFrames Stochastic Signals


This indicator is based on Stochastic, applied on one or more timeframes and on any cross-pair.

When a buy or sell signal is detected, the indicator displays a pop-up alert. It also draws a vertical bar on the price chart: green for buy, red for sell, yellow for flat.

Pop-up messages and vertical bars are displayed for BUY or SELL signals when the Stochastic values are consistent on all selected timeframes, otherwise a FLAT signal is generated.

Flexible settings:

  • Detecting a Stochastic signal on one or more timeframes
  • Setting Stochastic Levels

Good results were obtained with the default parameters.

For example: you run the indicator on a chart with the H1 timeframe, set Active_Stochastic_for_H1 to ” true “and Active_Stochastic_for_H4 to” true ” (standard settings).

Standard settings of the Stochastic indicator:

  • KPeriod=5
  • DPeriod=3
  • Slowing=3

However, you can set the “Active_Stochastic” parameters at your discretion (for example: only H1, or M5 and H1, etc.). Similarly for the Stochastic parameters.

Stochastic Monitoring Timeframe Activation-enable the timeframe for tracking Stochastic signals

  • Active_Stochastic_for_M1 – true/false.
  • Active_Stochastic_for_M5 – true/false.
  • Active_Stochastic_for_M15 – true/false.
  • Active_Stochastic_for_M30 – true/false.
  • Active_Stochastic_for_H1 – true/false.
  • Active_Stochastic_for_H4 – true/false.
  • Active_Stochastic_for_D1 – true/false.
  • Active_Stochastic_for_W1 – true/false.
  • Active_Stochastic_for_MN1 – true/false.

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Stochastic Parameters Setting-Setting the Stochastic parameters

  • Stochastic_KPeriod – the period for calculating the %K line.
  • Stochastic_DPeriod – the averaging period for calculating the %D line.
  • Stochastic_Slowing – deceleration value.

In the examples in the screenshots, there is a Stochastic oscillator that appears in separate windows. It is not the result of “MTF_Stochastic_Signals”.

You can display it by running the standard oscillator from the delivery of MetaTrader 4 or another free program (for example, #MTF Stochastic 2.0).


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