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My Capital is a high-frequency trading platform. The expert system goes through the entire history and all currency pairs with a single setting.  If there is a commission on the account, it must be converted to the equivalent of the spread and fill in the Commission field. The lower the commission and spread, the greater the profit. The more delay your broker has in the amount of the Internet channel, the more you need to set stop-loss, take-profit and virtual stop, so that the server has time to process them at the right price and the lower the frequency of trading.
The Expert Advisor can be run on any hourly period, any currency pair, and on the server of any broker.It is recommended to work on liquid forex pairs, with a low spread and use VPS. You can start using it with $ 100 and a lot of 0.01. The bot works on both Netting and Hedging account types. During testing, the spread can be adjusted. It is necessary to test the bot on all ticks.
Conditions before using this bot (carefully consider the choice and then the bot will work as intended):
  1. minimum possible spread,
  2. no commission or minimum possible commission,
  3. minimum stop levels for stops,
  4. minimum freeze levels for pending orders,
  5. also, the minimum ping (maximum internet speed).

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  • TypeFilling – Type of order execution by execution (balance). Choose one for your broker.
  • Magic-The Expert’s Stamp.
  • Requests – The maximum acceptable deviation from the requested price.
  • Tim Pause-Pause if you need to retransmit the order to the server.
  • Try Order – The number of repetitions of sending the order to the server, if necessary.
  • Volume-Lot, works if the “Money Managemen On” field is disabled.
  • Money Management On-Sets the lot automatically depending on the deposit.
  • Lot Decimal-Rounding of lots.
  • Stop Loss – Stop Loss.
  • Take Profit – Take Profit.
  • Virtual Take Profit – Virtual Take Profit.
  • Min Stops Level – The minimum Stop Level if you want to set your own level other than the one set by the server.
  • Max Spread-Limit on the spread.
  • Commission – Commission in terms of the spread.
  • Limit Ticks-Limit on the number of consecutive ticks in one direction.
  • Value Ticks-Limit on the tick amplitude.
  • Chanel AVG-Channel settings.


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