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MT4 is a multi-time frame divergence and overbought/oversold detection indicator.
– Fully customizable schedule control panel, provides full interaction.
– Hide and show the control panel anywhere.
– Information about discrepancies without a capital letter in real time.
– Real-time information about overbought/oversold situations.
– Information about regular discrepancies in real time.
– Information about hidden discrepancies in real time.
– Available oscillators for detecting divergences: AO, RSI, CCI, MACD, STOCH, RMI, TDI, RSIOMA.
– Notification Service (On-screen alerts|Push notifications).
The use of divergent trading can be useful to determine a weakening trend or a reversal of momentum. Sometimes you can even use it as a signal of the continuation of the trend. Our tool offers the detection of divergence simultaneously on all timeframes in a surprisingly convenient and intuitive control panel with the ability to display and hide so that your chart remains as clean as possible.

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You will see in real time overbought and oversold situations, regular divergences, hidden divergences and uncapitalized divergences on the selected period of history.
In case of discrepancies without a capital letter, we have on-screen notifications on MT4 and push notifications on your mobile phone!


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