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During the release of economic news, the price can overcome dozens of points only in the first minute after the release. Trading manually during high volatility is very risky, as it is difficult to react quickly to rapidly changing quotes and current indicators of a news release.

To trade on the news, you need to create a scenario in advance, prescribe the maximum risk.

Use a specialized professional robot to trade on the news. News Robot implements your trading strategy on the news using both pending orders and market orders

The strategy using pending stop orders is a classic one when trading on the news. Buy-stop and sell-stop orders are placed immediately before the data is released. The EA can hold orders until the actual data is released at a given level from the current price. Trading is carried out by 1 order or a grid of orders.

The strategy using market orders allows you to trade on the basis of up-to-date news release data. It is necessary to analyze the data in advance and create a trading scenario. Using News Robot it is not difficult to do this. You can filter out a specific type of news release and analyze the market reaction in the past. The Expert Advisor will also tell you the current trend direction. 

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Currently, the most interesting news for trading is the change in interest rates (Interest Rate Decision) and the level of employment (Unemployment Rate).

The news calendar is downloaded from the site The adviser is optimized for quick receipt of up-to-date data.

To enable the download, you need to add the URL in the terminal settings (Tools/Options/Expert Advisors/Allow WebRequest).

The Expert Advisor panel has 3 tabs:

– Calendar – list of news releases

– Filters – News filter settings

– Settings – settings of the selected news release.

To navigate through the calendar, use the buttons “Previous News Release”, “Next News Release”, as well as the keys on the keyboard: “up arrow”, “Down arrow”, “Page Up”, “Page Down”, “Home”, “End”.


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