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Nolte’s Envelope-an envelope with a dynamic deviation that adjusts to the strength of the trend. The product allows you to filter flat and trending market conditions. During trend periods, the upper and lower levels of the envelope form a single central moving average (HL/2). As the trend weakens, the upper border of the envelope begins to expand up, and the lower one-down.

Some features:

  • Quick exit from unprofitable trades.
  • Follow the trend.
  • Reducing the number of false signals when flat.


  • Deviation – the maximum deviation.
  • STP – sensitivity to the trend.
  • Power – the rate of expansion of the envelope boundaries.
  • MA Periods – the period of the moving average.
  • MA Method – Moving average method (0=simple, 1=exponential, 2=smoothed, 3=weighted).
  • Shift – forward shift of the indicator.
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