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On Balance Volume Trendline


The indicator automatically places trend lines at really important levels on the chart.

You can customize the timeframe, color, and line style.

It is also possible to send a notification about the breakdown of the line up or down to the smartphone.

  • TimeFrame – select a timeframe;
  • Applicedprice-price for calculating levels: closing, opening, high, low, average, typical, or weighted price;
  • Formation-pattern: swing, head-shoulders, or long-term pattern;
  • Alerts-alert, true = enabled;
  • SendEmail-sending notifications by email;
  • SendNotifications-Sending push notifications to your smartphone;
  • AlertAtClose-alert when closing out of line values;
  • LineColorHigh – the color of the top line;
  • LineColorLow – the color of the bottom line;
  • LineStyle – line style (solid, dashed, dashed, dashed, double-dashed)
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