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Expert will open  position in one direction (Up=buy, Down=sell) when the loss reaches a certain drawdown.
Hedging account
Expert parameters:
Reverse the signal: Reverse signal 
Aggressive: add more hedging
Min Wave to start Fibo: Minimum wave to start drawing Fibonacci
Max Wave to stop Fibo: Maximum wave to stop drawing Fibonacci
Use Fibonacci: uses Fibonacci calculations as entry points
Fibo Open at: entry point at the Fibonacci level
ZigZag Bar to count: bar history for analysis
Expanding coeffisient Zig Zag Bars Count (1-4): Zig Zag multiplier coefficient for input parameter, range from 1 to 4 (max)
Show Fibo: Fibonacci draw
Hilo timeframe: Select Hilo Timeframe
Minimum Range to Start Pending Order
Distance of pending orders from the current price (in pips): Distance of pending orders from the current price
Step size to move pending order (in pips): Trendline will move to the latest prices according to the number of sizes entered.
Lot Type: Select lot type
AutoLot (1000 $ = 0.01)
if Autolot = false, fill in Start Lot: fill in the initial lot
Multiplier for Martingale: Multiplier lot coefficient
Maximal Lots: max lot per trade
Maxtrade: Max trade allowed
Drawdown to start One Direction Trade, (in percentage): fill in the percentage of the drawdown
Step (in pips): Distance to open the next position
Expanding Step Coefficient: step multiplier coefficient
Minimum profit for close all $: Minimum profit to close all positions, in money.
Target Equity, in money (Must be greater than the equity start): bot will stop working if reached the target equity. Fill in a larger target equity for the bot to run again.
Cut loss if loss $: close all positions when the cutloss target is reached, in money.
Trailling (in money): Trail profit in money. Can be used for recovery mode.
Trail Money All (in Percentage): Trail profit in percentage. Can be used for recovery mode.
Lock start, $: Minimum profit to start placing lock profit, in money
Lock stop, $: Minimum profit to close position, must be lower than Lock Start.
Use Auto Close Partial, in money: drawdown reduction algorithm, in money
Select Close Partial Method: Close partial buy

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