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Expert-trading assistant, created by the eponymous trading strategy Oracle® in collaboration with its author Neo.

Automatically detects the reversal impulse patterns on the charts and builds Neo® Forks based on them – an author’s tool that allows you to determine the price movement cycles and indicates the expected TakeProfit goal. The search is performed on all the specified periods of the charts simultaneously with the filtering of matches. Invalid Forks are filtered with an error code.

The utility has an audio alert when new Forks are detected – it pronounces the name of the tool and the period. In addition, it can send notifications to the mobile terminal and to e-mail.

In addition to the automatic mode, there is a set of tools for manually drawing Forks and other graphic objects of various colors in an easy-to-use format.

The utility also includes the functions of group closing of orders, including the specified timeout, both for all orders of the instrument, and separately in the directions.

In the future, the expansion of the functionality for more comfortable trading.

The default settings are focused on the main currency pairs. It is possible to calibrate for any non-standard tools.

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The guide can be found on the “Discussion” tab. There are also examples of settings for some tools with different numbers of decimal places.



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