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Original background for MQL5


It is known that color affects the process of human activity, especially if this person is a trader. Psychologists say that you need to give in to your intuition and choose a color of your environment that will be perceived with maximum comfort. Prevention of nervous tension requires taking into account the nature of the impact of color on a person. The optimal range of colors that have the most beneficial effect on a person are green, yellow-green and green-blue colors.

With this indicator, you will be able to influence your emotional and mental sphere and well-being. You can choose the color (program) that you currently need. This can be done very simply: set the sunset mode (default) or sunrise, make a choice of colors. You can use not only the basic colors, but also custom sets. By enabling the “replace the main background colors of the chart” option, you can color all the tool windows. In order to maintain the original background settings after deleting the indicator, you must specify it in the “Main Background” parameter.

I hope that you will enjoy the breadth of your choice, and I will gratefully accept your suggestions and comments.

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