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PAX Multi TMA HMA 8 for MT4


this is a ready-made trading system for working on any instrument and any timeframe.

An experienced trader on one instrument can get a profit from 100% to 400% per day.

It is completely ready for manual trading and use in robots.

It is not redrawn.

It is convenient to work on the timeframes M30, H1, H4.

Tested on metals, currency pairs, oil, international stocks, Russian stocks, cryptocurrencies, monetary and cryptocurrency indices.

(The demo version will only work in the tester or on Monday).

(The demo version will only work in the tester or on Monday).

1. The main channel of price movement is the medina.

May be

red — a downward trend,

yellow — the trend is changing,

green is a growing trend.

It can be built on the current timeframe or on older ones.

2. Laterals — the lateral channels of the Medina.

They clearly show how far the price has bounced in order to correctly make a decision about opening and closing positions or building up the grid.

3. HMA lines.

Two Hull Moving Average lines automatically filter the signals.

They can be built on the current or higher timeframes.

4. CCI Filter (Commodity Channel Index)

[spoiler title=”

Automatically filters out unnecessary signals, allows you to reduce the drawdown of the balance.

5. Arrows-signals.

They show where it is necessary to open a new position and close opposite orders.

6.Price status display.

To the right of the chart, the distances in points from the Bid price to the corresponding lateral of the channel are displayed.

This makes it possible to understand how profitable the transaction will be if you open an order at the current price.

Strategies for working with the trading system:

1. Highly inspired.

Orders are opened on each arrow of the signal. The entire grid of orders is closed as soon as the reverse signal appears.

At this point, you can open a reverse order.

2. Low risk.

Orders are opened only on the accompanying trend.

For example, if the arrow is green and the trend color is also green, you can open a buy order.

A new pyramiding order must be opened at the next green arrow, but not more often than after 100 points.

All orders are closed if the color of the trend has changed. In our example, the color of the trend has become yellow or red — we close the grid of orders.

3. Related orders.

This strategy will reduce the drawdown of the account balance and minimize risks.

The strategy works on hedging accounts.

Orders are opened on each arrow.

A are closed in the following order:

1. If there is a green arrow and the trend color is green or yellow — we close all the shorts.

2. If a red arrow is drawn and the trend color is red or yellow — we close all the longs.

A detailed description of the parameters of the trading system can be found in the corresponding help section inside the trading system.

Here you can also send suggestions for the development of the system in the form of comments.


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