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Pending Orders Trailing


The Pending Orders Trailing Expert Advisor automatically moves the stop and limit orders you set.

A good tool for capturing the trend.

The system can be used simultaneously for limit and stop orders. The system can also automatically close all positions when a certain profit or loss is reached.

Trailing can also be used for SL and TP. The system can be combined with other Expert Advisors, as it allows you to sort trades and manage them using comments.

  • TradeComment-default value is empty-manage all trades or specific trades that have a specific comment (see screenshots)
  • StopDistance – distance for moving stop orders (in points)
  • LimitDistance – distance for moving limit orders (in points) 
  • StopLoss-protective stop loss in points 
  • TakeProfit – take profit in points 
  • Trailing_SL and Trailing_TP – if true, trailing stop loss or trailing take profit is used 
  • CloseMarketProfit-profit, after which all open orders are closed, by default 0 
  • CloseMarketLoss – the loss at which all open orders are closed, by default 0 (regardless of whether you use minus or plus)
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