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PipTick Grid Trader MT5


The PipTick Grid Trader Expert Advisor allows you to earn money on the flat market. The robot trades up and down separately and creates two grids according to the settings. In both cases, a separate account and a virtual take profit in money are used. The Expert Advisor uses a virtual stop loss as a percentage of the account. Traders can work with a classic grid with a fixed distance between orders, or choose a more” adaptive ” dynamic grid with ATR-based orders.

The Expert Advisor does not work on the principle of “installed and forgotten”. It is designed for semi-automatic grid trading. It offers traders the opportunity to develop their own know-how and procedures. For example, you can decide whether to use martingale or hedge functions, set different returns for the long and short side, use different distances, and much more.

  • First, test it on a demo account. You should always be very familiar with your Expert Advisor before real trading.
  • Run some tests on the history. It is always useful to know which settings work in a particular market.
  • Never use too small a distance between orders. The vast majority of grid strategies fail due to incorrect order spacing. Statistics suggest that you are most likely to succeed if you use a sufficiently large distance between orders. We recommend at least 40 pips.
  • Never trade in just one market. Work simultaneously in at least five unrelated markets. This significantly reduces the risk. A trading portfolio is the best way to avoid a large drawdown. At the same time, you do not need a huge trading account to form a portfolio. As you will see on your demo account, the portfolio price can be $ 1,000.
  • Never trade before the release of important news. We never know how the market will react to them. Remember that the grid strategy is designed primarily for the flat.
  • Close all grids before the weekend. No one knows where the market will open on Monday. If a gap is formed, some of the orders may not work. For a grid strategy, it is critical that all the established orders are triggered.
  • Avoid strong trends. With the correct setup, the Expert Advisor can be used even in trending markets. However, strong trends should be avoided.

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  • Grid_Type – classic or dynamic grid
  • Grid_Direction – trading direction. BUY( buy), SELL (sell) or BUY
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