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PipTick Pairs Cross MT4


The PipTick Pairs Cross indicator works with negatively correlated trading instruments such as EURUSD and USDCHF. The indicator is based on “pair trading” (or spread trading). It compares the strength of two negatively correlated pairs and determines the best moments to buy the first pair and sell the second pair, and vice versa. This is a very simple and effective approach to trading currency pairs.

Trading using the indicator is quite simple:

  • If the histogram changes color from red to green (crossing the zero line from bottom to top), buy pair 1 and sell pair 2
  • If the histogram changes color from green to red (crossing the zero line from top to bottom), sell pair 1 and buy pair 2

To increase the efficiency of the signals, it is recommended to use additional filters, for example, Heiken Ashi.


  • The indicator compares the strength of two inversely correlated currency pairs
  • Signal line for entering and exiting trades
  • Works on any timeframe (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN)
  • The indicator does not redraw
  • History testing (configurable history period)
  • Configurable parameters (color, line thickness, RSI period…)
  • Very fast calculations
  • The indicator also works with prefixes and suffixes (EURUSD. m, EURUSD-pro…)
  • Designed for MT4 and MT5

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  • Pair_1 – Name of the first pair
  • Pair_2 – Name of the second pair
  • Bars_Ago – The number of bars displayed by the indicator. If the Bars_Ago parameter is set to 0, all bars will be displayed on the chart
  • RSI_Period – the period of the RSI indicator to calculate
  • Smoothing- Period for calculating the smoothed curve
  • Text_Size – The size of the labels of other currencies
  • Histogram Thickness – The thickness of the graph histogram
  • Color_Positive – The color of the positive histogram
  • Color_Negative – Color of the negative histogram
  • Show_Signals-Enables / disables the display of signals (vertical lines)
  • Color_Buy_Signal – Color of buy signals (vertical lines)
  • Color_Sell_Signal – Color of sell signals (vertical lines)
  • RSI – Output values of the RSI
  • Positive – Positive values
  • Negative – Negative values

For more information, visit the PipTick Pairs Cross page.


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