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The PipTick VWATR indicator is a useful tool for measuring market activity. It is based on the idea of volume-weighted ATR. The combination of these two elements helps to determine possible turning points or convenient moments for a breakout. The indicator uses a moving average and its coefficients to classify market activity. Accordingly, the area where the VWATR bar is located (relative to the moving average) is marked as ultra-low, low, medium, high, very high, or ultra-high. The PipTick VWATR indicator is presented as a histogram.

This indicator calculates the moving average in four ways:

  • SMA-Simple Moving Average
  • SMMA-Smoothed Moving Average
  • EMA-Exponential Moving Average
  • LWMA-Linear-weighted moving average

By default, there are six user-configurable zones. The bar of the histogram is colored in a certain color, depending on which zone corresponds to the VWATR.

  • Ultra-low VWATR zone-crimson color
  • Low VWATR zone – White color
  • Medium VWATR zone-turquoise color
  • High VWATR zone – Dark sky blue
  • Very High VWATR Zone-Royal Blue
  • Ultra-high VWATR zone – Blue

  • Simple classification of market activity
  • Multiple calculation methods to choose from
  • Calculation of real and tick volume
  • The zone ranges are selected by the user
  • Works on all timeframes (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN)
  • Fast and reliable indicator
  • Configurable parameters (color, line thickness, period MA…)
  • It can be used to create an Expert Advisor
  • Designed for MT4 and MT5

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  • Volume_Method – Selecting the tick or real volume for calculations
  • MA_Method-Moving Average, SMA, SMMA, LWMA, and EMA method
  • MA_Period – The period for calculating the moving average
  • Line_Thickness – The thickness of the output line
  • Histogram_Thickness – The thickness of the output histogram
  • Low_Coefficient-Coefficient for determining the low zone
  • Average_Coefficient-Coefficient for determining the average zone
  • High_Coefficient-Coefficient for determining the high zone
  • Very_High_Coefficient-Coefficient for determining a very high zone
  • Ultra_High_Coefficient-Coefficient for determining the ultrahigh zone
  • Color_Text – The color of the indicator text
  • Color_MA_Line – Color of the moving average line
  • Color_Ultra_Low – The color of the ultra-low histogram
  • Color_Low – Color of the low histogram
  • Color_Average – Color of the average histogram
  • Color_High – The color of the high histogram
  • Color_Very_High – The color of a very high histogram
  • Color_Ultra_High – The color of the ultra-high histogram

  • Average VWATR – Displaying the average VWATR value for the period
  • VWATR- Displaying VWATR values
  • Type – Displays the zone type number. 1-6 corresponds to the zones. Number 1 means ultra-low, 6 means ultra-high
  • Low – Display of low zone values. Otherwise, the value is zero
  • Average – Displaying the values of the middle zone. Otherwise, the value is zero
  • High – Displaying high zone values. Otherwise, the value is zero
  • Very High – Displays the values of a very high zone. Otherwise, the value is zero
  • Ultra High – Displays the ultrahigh zone values. Otherwise, the value is zero

For more information, visit the PipTick VWATR page.


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