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Portfolio Manager Demo


Portfolio Manager is an indicator panel that displays synthetic assets, getting the weight of each asset in the portfolio, risk and profit. The indicator improves trading efficiency by using correlations and diversifying the portfolio.

  • Maxim Sharpe: Calculation of a portfolio with a maximum Sharpe coefficient based on the Markowitz portfolio theory.
  • Minimum Risk: Calculation of a portfolio with minimal absolute risk.
  • DrawDown: Calculation of the portfolio with the maximum ratio of profit to drawdown.
  • Manual: Calculation of the portfolio based on the entered parameters.
  • Hedge: Calculation of a synthetic asset that allows you to hedge your open positions.

You can visualize many different assets on a single chart and
compare their profitability. You can also calculate the portfolio
based on an existing open position or start from scratch and determine the weight
each asset.

Note: The calculation may take several minutes, you can change the
maximum allowed number of iterations in the input parameters window or
change the accuracy in the panel.

This demo version may have limitations.

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