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  Price Predictor is an indicator that shows precise price reversals taking into account a higher time frame and a lower time frame candle patterns calculations

it is great for scalping and swing trading  .

Buy and sell arrows are shown on the chart as for entry signals. 

BIG Arrows indicates the trend РSMALL Arrows signal a trade (BUY/SELL) 

 РA Green BIG UP Arrow with a support green line indicates a Bull Market : wait for buy signal 

     РA Green SMALL Up Arrow after a BIG green arrow is a signal to:::    BUY

 РA Red BIG DOWN Arrow with a Resistance red line indicates a Bear Market : wait for Sell signal 

     РA Red SMALL Down Arrow after a BIG Red arrow is a signal to:::    SELL

You can close your trade :

**Buy trade: waiting for a small or big Down arrow 

**Sell trade: waiting for a small or big Up arrow 

** OR you  can  Take frofit after certain pips as you make your strategy

The Price predictor indicator:

= Works On Any Timeframe ( It is better to make it work on the lower selected time frame or the next lower time frame to the selected) 

= Works On Any Mt4 Pair

= Great For Scalping

= Great For Swing Trading

= Arrow Entry Alerts

=Great tool for beginners and professionals

You have to select TWO Time Frame as Inputs :


– a Higher time frame for trend indication

 Рand a Lower time frame for Buy/Sell/Close signal

as an example :

on any currency pair  M15/M5 chart : use D1/H4  as a higher time frame and H1/H4 as lower time frame

!!! important note :::

Indicator don’t back draw when first installed on Chart¬†
once installed wait for new drawn patterns and signals 
download demo version and use strategy tester for testing on old history before renting !!

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09 July 2020

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