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  Price Predictor is an indicator that shows precise price reversals taking into account a higher time frame and a lower time frame candle patterns calculations

it is great for scalping and swing trading  .

Buy and sell arrows are shown on the chart as for entry signals. 

BIG Arrows indicates the trend – SMALL Arrows signal a trade (BUY/SELL) 

 – A Green BIG UP Arrow with a support green line indicates a Bull Market : wait for buy signal 

     – A Green SMALL Up Arrow after a BIG green arrow is a signal to:::    BUY

 – A Red BIG DOWN Arrow with a Resistance red line indicates a Bear Market : wait for Sell signal 

     – A Red SMALL Down Arrow after a BIG Red arrow is a signal to:::    SELL

You can close your trade :

**Buy trade: waiting for a small or big Down arrow 

**Sell trade: waiting for a small or big Up arrow 

** OR you  can  Take frofit after certain pips as you make your strategy

The Price predictor indicator:

= Works On Any Timeframe ( It is better to make it work on the lower selected time frame or the next lower time frame to the selected) 

= Works On Any Mt4 Pair

= Great For Scalping

= Great For Swing Trading

= Arrow Entry Alerts

=Great tool for beginners and professionals

You have to select TWO Time Frame as Inputs :

[spoiler title=”

– a Higher time frame for trend indication

 – and a Lower time frame for Buy/Sell/Close signal

as an example :

on any currency pair  M15/M5 chart : use D1/H4  as a higher time frame and H1/H4 as lower time frame

!!! important note :::

Indicator don’t back draw when first installed on Chart 
once installed wait for new drawn patterns and signals 
download demo version and use strategy tester for testing on old history before renting !!


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