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Pro intraday trading


Hi traders,

Anyone can trade in forex during the day..

All you need is the” pro intradey trading ” indicator.

This indicator detects “Safe Buy/Sell” points by processing the “lowest value and highest value in the day” of this instrument at the time intervals you specify, giving you the “target Channel range” instantly on the live chart.

It offers buy 3-Buy 4 channels ( 2 blue lines Buy Zone) as Safe Purchase points.

It offers sell 1-Sell 2 channels (2 pink lines Sell Zone) as safe selling points.

Between the safe trading channels, it offers” between the first Pink Line and the first Blue Line”,  which is called the” waiting zone”; no transactions are made in this zone! just wait for entry to the “Safe Purchase or safe sale zones” to begin processing. Make gradual transactions within these channels according to your understanding of risk.

Daily Stratejy:


İndicator Settings :

indicator settings for comment also

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NOTE: recommended screen resolution 1920×1080  

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