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The indicator is based on the analysis of the average price range. It is unique in that it has a support level and two zones that determine the high probability of price movement in this range.

? Telegram: https://t.me/INFINITY_PRO_ED 

? Real account signals:  here

? Real account signals:  here

Profit Zone-calculates the probability of movement in the direction of the signal by time and price level. The zone is the horizontal boundary for the price and the vertical boundary for the time of probable closing of the order.

Limit Zone-shows the probable price deviation from the signal entry point and can be used for limit orders.

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The built-in additional indicator (HTF-Filter) signals the trend of the older period.

# 1 ProfitZone – the average price of the trend (calculated by the parameter ” Averaging period for calculating parameters”)

# 2 LimitZone-the average price of the price deviation from the entry point (calculated by the parameter “Averaging period for calculating parameters”). Used for setting limit orders.

The larger the “Averaging period for calculating parameters” period (bars) parameter, the more stable the indicator calculations are.  It is recommended to use in the range of 1000-3000 candles.

#3 Support Line – the support line for the current trend. Most often, the price does not go far for it, but there are exceptions.

#4-1/2 of the ProfitZone range. Used to close the first order.

#5-Example of closing the second order at the ProfitZone border or after the average trend time (calculated by the “Averaging period for calculating parameters” parameter”)

By purchasing this indicator, you get a free HTF-Histogram and one of our other indicators to choose from for the “1 1″ promotion”

Terms of the promotion: Buy one and get the second one as a gift: zdes

MT4 version: here


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