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MT4. Recognizes a sideways trend (flat) at an early stage and draws its boundaries, on any timeframe, on any instrument, before the trend changes.

The indicator is based on the analysis of wave characteristics and warns in advance of a possible sideways trend (Flet).

It will predict a flat before we see it on the chart.

Analyzes only the timeframe on which the chart is open. Each chart can only have its own range.

It does not require any parameter settings. Adapted for 2.4 and 3.5 sign quotes.

When loading for the first time and switching to a different timeframe, it will check whether there are enough bars in the history, and will load if necessary. Works fast. Consumes little computer resources.

Bonus: classic trend lines in a truncated version. (The full version can be viewed in my ProZZcom indicator)

If necessary, you can disable trend lines in the indicator settings.

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