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Dear Investor,

I’m developing this amazing trading strategy, I´ve developed this trading system which enable you get tremendous profit with little risk.  My main goal when developing a system is stable growth under any market condition. All my systems have to pass strict criteria in terms of historical data.


  • Trades the XAUUSD with a focus on long-term stable growth.
  • Uses no martingale nor any grid or “recovery” methods. Every trade is protected with a stop loss.
  • Didn´t have a losing year since 2003.
  • little lossing months since 2003.
  • Backtests with high stability on 19 years (2003 – 2021) on XAUUSD .
  • Achieves an Return/DD ratio  of  39.72 shows the real power of the strategy.
  • Achieves a Profit Factor of 2.56, and a Win Rate of 86.01%.
  • Passes 500 rounds of Monte Carlo testing with: spread up to 60 pips, slippage up to 1.5 pips, 50% randomized history data, skipping 10% of the trades, and still has stable equity curves throughout all simulations.
  • Is unaffected from any intra-bar-action as it trades solely on bar open.
  • Is easy to set up: just modify the lots and enjoy.
  • Needs a minimum account balance of just $500 USD or equivalent.
  • Requires a leverage of only 1:100 up to 2% risk per trade.

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More amazing trading system is still on going.If you have any questions, just send message to me and I will reply it as soon I see.

Attach the EA on XAUUSD M30 CHART 


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