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PSAR Expert Extended MT5


The work of this Expert Advisor is based on the work of the Parabolic SAR indicator.

The extended version of the Expert Advisor includes the following changes and improvements:

  • The Expert Advisor’s behavior on various types of trading accounts and various conditions(fixed/floating spread, ECN/cent accounts, etc.) is monitored.)
  • The functionality of the Expert Advisor has been expanded. Became more flexible and improved efficiency, in particular monitoring of open positions.
  • It works on both 5-digit and 4-digit quotes.
  • The Expert Advisor does not use martingale, grid, or arbitrage.

  • EA Comment — The Expert Advisor’s comment.
  • Magic number — The magic number of the adviser. To work only with your own orders.
  • Max.spread(points) — Limit the maximum spread in points. 0 – not used.
  • Lot — the base lot for opening a new order.
  • Stop Loss(points) — Stop loss in points of the current instrument.
  • Take Profit(points) — Take profit in points of the current instrument.
  • Slippage(points) — The maximum deviation from the price in points of the instrument.
  • Timeframe for the calculation — the working timeframe of the Expert Advisor, which is used for trading.
  • Step PSAR — the standard Parabolic SAR parameter. The step of increasing the speed of the indicator.
  • Maximum PSAR — the standard Parabolic SAR parameter. The maximum coefficient of the rate of convergence of the indicator with the price.
  • Time limit — The time limit of the Expert Advisor.
  • Start hour — The starting hour of work.
  • Start minute — The starting minute of the work.
  • Stop hour — The hour when the work ends.
  • Stop minute — The minute when the work ends.

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