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Quantina After News Trader EA 2016


The Quantina After News Trader Expert Advisor uses a revolutionary new trading strategy during the news release, it trades just a few minutes after the news data is released. Due to the fact that it opens trades from 1 minute to 1 hour after the release of economic news data, a huge spread or a huge slippage DOES NOT AFFECT your trades. With the help of the Quantina After News Trader Expert Advisor, you can avoid all problems with spreads and delays. The Expert Advisor will track the open trade using the built-in intelligent tracking code, which is protected by an Advanced Breakeven Method* and a customizable trailing stop. It has huge trading opportunities and an unlimited number of trading strategies.

The recommended currency pair for regular trading is EUR/USD on the H1 timeframe. 

  • Instant download
  • Round-the-clock IT support
  • Forum on the use of each product
  • Video Instructions
  • User’s Guide

Easy to use in 2 different modes: Automatic or Manual mode

  • Open Day / Open Hour / Open Minute – Opening day, Opening hour, Opening Minute; The time of the news event according to the time of your broker’s server. The Expert Advisor will measure the observed candle at “Opening Day, Opening Hour and Opening Minute”. He will try to trade on the next candle (bar). 24-hour format: Day / HH / MM
  • LotSize – The size of the traded lot (0.0 –> Automatic)
  • RiskPercent – Automatic calculation of the lot size. The percentage value. It is calculated based on the current balance and the configurable stop loss value
  • AllowBuyOrders – Allow/Prohibit the use of long orders
  • AllowSellOrders – Allow/Prohibit the use of short orders
  • OppositeTradeDirection – Basically, the Expert Advisor will open trades in the same direction as the observed one (during the news) the type of candle. If the candle was bullish, the adviser will open buy trades (long), and if it was bearish, the adviser will open sell trades (short). However, if you set this parameter to true, the Expert Advisor will open trades in the opposite direction on the next candle. The opposite direction of trading is recommended for low or medium importance of news events.
  • BuyDistance SellDistance – The distance from the closing price of the observed (during the news) candle.
  • Distance type – The observed candle during the news. The minimum candle size refers only to the body of the candle, while the full candle size refers to the entire candle (the difference between the highest maximum and the lowest minimum)
  • Minimum / Maximum Candle Size – The allowed size of the candle for the observed transaction to open. If the observed candle is below or above this limit, the Expert Advisor will not open trades
  • Slippage – The maximum allowable slippage in pips or in points
  • MaxSpread – The maximum allowable spread during the opening of transactions
  • InitialTakeProfit – the value of the take profit in pips
  • InitialStopLoss – stop loss value in pips
  • TrailingStop – The trailing stop automatically updates the stop order price when the price moves in your favor
  • TrailingStep – The Expert Advisor will not send any orders to the broker’s server until the market price moves at least a TrailingStep of pips or points
  • TrailBeforeBreakEven – It adheres to trailing until the stop order goes to breakeven. If you set the value to true, the Expert Advisor will also be trailing in the negative zone
  • BreakEvenTrigger / BreakEvenLock-Profit protection. The stop loss will be moved to the first positive zone if the market price reaches the BreakEvenLock distance from the entry price
  • StealthMode – If you use this Expert Advisor in hidden mode, it will not send your broker the parameters of stop loss or take profit
  • OneCancelOther – If the value is true and one of the pending orders is executed, the After News Trader Expert Advisor will instantly cancel the other (opposite) order automatically
  • AlertEnabled – Notification in the terminal (pop-up window) of your MetaTrader platform. It will send you some useful information regarding your transactions
  • PushNotificationEnabled – The Quantina After News Trader Expert Advisor will send useful alerts to your smartphone
  • EmailAlertEnabled – The Quantina After News Trader Expert Advisor will send useful email alerts to your email address
  • MagicNumber – Unique ID for each running Expert Advisor
  • DebugMode – Debugging mode. This version has an additional advantage. The debug mode can record additional information about trading in the log. For more information, see the user manual
  • ValuesInPip – If the value is true, you can set the parameters of the Expert Advisor in pips, if you specify false, each parameter will have to be specified in points, we strongly recommend using the Expert Advisor in the points mode (false) for commodity and futures pairs. 
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