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Quantum Currency Strength Indicator


Your success as a trader depends on your ability to determine the overbought and oversold states of a currency or symbol. That is, their strength or weakness. This approach is the basis for trading on the Forex market. It would be almost impossible to do this quickly and easily yourself, without the Quantum Currency Strength indicator-there are too many currencies and symbols. You will definitely need some help!

The Quantum Currency Strength indicator was created for the sole purpose of giving you a global picture of the eight major currencies and showing in a simple and accessible way when a currency is overbought and oversold, in other words, showing its strength or weakness.

The indicator marks the overbought and oversold zones with simple horizontal lines, placing one at the level of 80, and the second at the level of 20. When the price reaches the upper gray line, it means that it is approaching the overbought state, and vice versa, when the price reaches the lower gray line, it is approaching the oversold state.

It is at these points that the probability of a trend reversal is high, which allows you to trade with low risk. On your own, you would hardly be able to do it as quickly and easily.

The indicator shows eight currencies individually, giving you unlimited opportunities, ranging from scalping to trading on swings and trends on all possible currency pairs.

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  • US Dollar – Red
  • Euro-orange color
  • Pound Sterling-Yellow
  • Swiss Franc – Green
  • Japanese Yen – Blue
  • Canadian Dollar-Purple
  • Australian Dollar-Pink
  • New Zealand Dollar – White

Despite the simplicity of the approach, this is a technically complex indicator that can be used in different ways. In fact, it allows you to confidently and without emotion organize trading on four completely different, but equally effective use cases:

  • First, the indicator shows when a particular currency is overbought or oversold, in other words, it is strong or weak. Unlike some types of assets, currency quotes never fall to zero. Low-risk trading zones are located at these extreme points. It is in the overbought and oversold zones that the probability of changing the direction of price movement is particularly high. This fact allows you to trade with low risk.
  • Second: the indicator indicates possible exit points from the market. After all, if it allows you to effectively enter the market, then it will also be able to effectively show you the exit points!
  • Third: do you know what the situation is when the currencies come together in the middle of the indicator? That means it’s time to step aside and wait.
  • Finally, you can take your trading to the next level by analyzing multiple timeframes. If the currency moves up or down on multiple timeframes, then there is more reason to make the right trading decision.

And if this is not enough for you, then this is not all!

You can customize the indicator to suit your trading style. Do you think there’s some mistake here? Not at all. The Quantum Currency Strength indicator can be customized to suit your own trading style. It’s like the volume control on a radio. You can adjust the volume level as you need it. It’s the same here. If you trade using scalping, just change one of the indicator parameters to speed up its operation. If you are trading on swings or trends, set it to work more slowly – the choice is yours. Such control of the situation means only one thing – more stable work and higher profits.

Otherwise, why even buy an indicator that can’t be customized to your trading style? It’s like buying a radio that doesn’t have a volume control!

That is why we call such indicators new generation indicators for MetaTrader 4.

The Quantum Currency Strength indicator works on all MetaTrader 4 brokers, even those that use a suffix or prefix in currency names. It can be used on both demo and live accounts. The colors of the currencies can be changed according to your preferences. In addition, the indicator works on all timeframes from minute to 1 month.

Click here to learn how to set up the Quantum Currency Strength indicator. 


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