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Winds and Storms MT5 Free


The free version of Winds and Storms strategy.

Are grid strategies too complex? Are you sick of all these parameters?

The Winds and Storms Expert Advisor is a mix of grid and channel strategy. It uses the Bollinger Bands and the Keltner Channel to measure the oscillation potential.

The Expert Advisor is easy to set up and contains suggestions that limit the number of optimized arguments. In some cases, the only factor that needs to be optimized is money management/stop loss! The grid is automatically adjusted for each chart. With high volatility, the expert Advisor automatically expands the grid to meet new market conditions, so the results can be better than those of simple grids, and thanks to additional indicators, much less parameters are required. 

If you are tired of complex grid strategies, the Winds and Storms Expert Advisor is the perfect solution for you. Two identical versions are available-for MT4 and MT5.

Use the excellent tester in MT5 to test on the history and copy the settings to MT4!

It can work in 2 modes:

  • Money management mode-at higher markets, it shows logarithmic growth.
  • Currency stop loss mode – linear growth and risk-free profit after doubling the account.

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This simple grid strategy is suitable even for beginners!

On the discussions tab, the Expert Advisor’s instructions are published in PDF.

Differences between versions:

* The authors are not responsible for the future results of trading with any ready-made presets – past results do not guarantee future profits. Presets need to be tested and used with care. The frequency of creating presets may change or may be suspended for some time – this should not be a reason for complaints.


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