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The indicator displays renko bars on the chart, builds fast and slow moving averages, Stochastic on them and gives buy/sell signals:

  • a buy signal is formed when a fast moving one is located above a slow one and the stochastic signal line crosses the lower level from bottom to top;
  • a sell signal is formed when the fast moving line is located below the slow one and the stochastic signal line crosses the upper level from top to bottom.

Renko is a specialized display of price movement, in which not every bar of the time interval is displayed on the chart, but only if the price has passed more than a specified number of points. Renko bars are not tied to a time interval, so the indicator can work with the same efficiency on any timeframe.

Buy/sell signals are displayed on the chart with the corresponding arrow, an alert in a pop-up window, to an email and a mobile device.

  • RenkoBar – the size of renko bars (set for 4-digit quotes, automatically recalculated for 5-and 3-digit quotes);
  • CountBars – the number of renko bars displayed on the chart;
  • bearColor – the color of the bear bar;
  • bullColor – the color of the bull bar;
  • hideBars-a sign of hiding standard bars on the chart;
  • MaFastPeriod – the period of the fast moving average;
  • MaFastMethod-Fast Moving Average method;
  • MaFastColor – the color of the fast moving average;
  • MaSlowPeriod – the period of the slow moving average;
  • MaSlowMethod-Slow moving Average method;
  • MaSlowColor – the color of the slow moving average;
  • StochK – period K of the stochastic;
  • StochD – period D of stochastic;
  • StochSlow-deceleration of stochastic;
  • StochUpLevel – the upper level of stochastic;
  • StochDownLevel – the lower level of stochastic;
  • StochMainColor – the color of the main line of the stochastic;
  • StochSignalColor – color of the stochastic signal line;
  • BuyColor – the color of the arrow of the buy signal;
  • SellColor – the color of the arrow of the sell signal;
  • UseAlert-allowing notifications in the pop-up window;
  • useMail-allowing email alerts;
  • useNotification – allowing notifications to be sent to a mobile device;
  • messageText – the text of the notification.
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