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A professional robot that implements a classic trading strategy based on the Envelopes indicator. The signal is formed when the price bounces from the boundaries of the Envelopes envelope. When the price breaks through or touches the upper border of the Envelopes and then returns back , this will serve as a sell signal, if the price breaks through or touches the lower border of the Envelopes, this will serve as a buy signal.

The Expert Advisor correctly handles errors and reliably works with a capital of 100 USD or more. It is important to choose the direction of work either in both directions, or only for buying or selling.

The Expert uses the basic concepts: breakeven, trailing stop, stop loss and take profit, as well as closing on the opposite signal. And an important function is the correct calculation of risk.

There is no single lot exit function, the concept of risk is used, a stop loss is mandatory, since the lot is counted from it relative to the allowable losses for a given risk. Any expert who optimizes without risk, using a fixed lot, will give obviously incorrect results, since during optimization, parameters will be selected that will increase the balance in the initial period of history.

  • Magic – A magic number, an arbitrary integer.
  • Work Period – The period in which the expert works.
  • Risk-The risk with which we enter the market is set as a percentage of losses from the total deposit. The lot is determined relative to the stop loss and the allowable losses when the stop loss is reached.
  • LotRounding – Rounding the lot (to decimal places).
  • Deviation-Requotes.
  • Sleeps-Waiting for the opening, closing or modification of a position.
  • StopLoss – Stop loss.
  • TakeProfit – Take profit.
  • Trailing Period – The period in which the trailing stop works.
  • Trailing Breakeven – The breakeven level. 0 – Disabled.
  • Trailing Start – The level of the beginning of the trailing stop. 0 – Disabled.
  • Trailing Stop – The level of the trailing stop. 0 – Disabled.
  • TrailingStep Period – The period of the trailing stop.
  • Prohibit new series – If it is necessary to close the current position and no longer open new ones, then this switch must be enabled.
  • WorkOpenLong-Permission to open a long position.
  • WorkOpenShort-Permission to open a short position.
  • WorkCloseLong-Permission to close a long position.
  • WorkCloseShort-Permission to close a short position.
  • Inversion – Inversion of the input signal.
  • SignalBar – The bar from which we start looking at the indicator (1 is the first fully formed bar).
  • Signal Period – The period in which the indicators work.

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  • applicedprice – The price used.
  • EnvelopesPeriod – The period of Envelopes.
  • EnvelopesShift-The offset of Envelopes.
  • EnvelopesDeviation – The standard deviation of Envelopes.
  • EnvelopesMethodThe Envelopes method.
  • EnvelopesAppliedPrice – The price used by Envelopes.


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