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This is a real multiframe Price Rate-of-Change indicator.

It does not just show charts of different periods in one window, but correctly brings them to the time scale on which you are trading.

You can choose both high and low periods, as well as freely change the main trading timeframe. At the same time, you will always see all the lines of the indicator at the desired scale.

There are two possible color schemes: with a color change when crossing zero, and without.

Also, in the indicator parameters, you can choose the style of data display: in the form of lines or in the form of a histogram.

  • RocPeriod – the period for calculating price changes
  • Mode-display style: line, section, histogram
  • COLORS-color scheme option
  • M1 – show / hide the minute chart
  • M5 – show / hide 5-minute chart
  • M30 – show / hide the 30-minute chart
  • H1 – show / hide the hourly chart
  • H4 – show / hide the 4-hour chart
  • D1– show / hide the daily chart
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