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This is a multi-currency paired trading system.I won’t go into the details of how it works, but what the user needs to care about is how it actually works.
It is highly recommended that you download the product and test it thoroughly, including back testing with the historical data and foward testing in the simulated account.
As this EA trades multiple currency pairs, relevant historical data will be automatically downloaded at the first time of its historical review, with data volume around 6GB per month and download time around 1 hour (if the computer is configured high and the network speed is fast, the download time will be saved).
Once the data is downloaded, you can test it thoroughly in the tester.It takes about 10 minutes to test the historical datas of a month.The specific test methods are described in the article on this website.
As there are many brokers in the market and a broker has multiple different servers with different characteristics, which will greatly affect the test results of this product. It is recommended that users open different accounts to test the product, so as to obtain better results. For the servers list, users can refer to my blog on the MQL5 community.

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To be sure, the lower the server delay, the smaller the slipping, the lower the spread, and the more stable the quote, the more profit opportunities for this EA. What the trader needs to do is find such a server. If you find it, congratulations! You can use VPS to further test the product in real time.
Good luck!


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