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RSI talking to save your eyes


RSI talking, use all your senses while trading!

When trading your eyes might be very stressed. Therefore I programmed the RSItalking. Trade what you see and what you hear!

This indicator says “rsioverbought” when rsi is over a threshold value (default 75%) and “rsioversold” if it is under a lower threshold (default 25%).

When you keep a long position be adviced to realize profit when the indicator tells you “rsioverbought” and vice versa.

You will find an explanation of the functionality of RSI in youtube.

  • Period of RSI: Period of RSI, default 14
  • Upper threshold value: If RSI > threshold the indicator says “rsi overbought” (default 75)
  • Lower threshold value: if RSI < threshold the indicator says "rsi oversold" (default 25)

No issues were found up to now. If the treshold values are not marked in the window of the indicator it might be, that some old objects named “trUp” and “trDown” remained and have to be deleted by hand.

If you cannot create your own wav sondfiles you can contact me over the mql5 messenger.

There is no guarantee for anything using this indicator.

14.07.18, Terence V. Gronowski, “Swisstrader”

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