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RSI TrendLine Divergency Message


this index of this MetaTrader 4 trading platform, RSI trendline Divergence Message – three in one, unlike the conventional one, has a system of alarms about changes in the market scenario, consisting of signals:

The parameters of intense, average levels and divergence zones are customizable.

  • Language to choose the Russian/language language;
  • Options-indicator settings: select the RSI averaging period for the cost used: close, open, maximum, minimum, median, typical and weighted average;
  • Level Csossi-enable / disable the alert when the RSI line crosses the overbought, oversold and mid levels;
  • Divergence – enable / disable the notification when the price diverges in the main window and the indicator window on the last bar;
  • Trend Line RSI-enable / disable the alert when the RSI line crosses the Trend Line in the indicator window. The trend line must be applied independently and renamed according to the name of the Name Trend Line in the indicator properties window;
  • Message System – notification system.

Signals are displayed as a comment in the main window of the chart, an alert, a push notification to the mobile version of the terminal installed in the mobile phone, or a message to the e-mail. The undoubted convenience is the acceptance and tracking of signals away from the PC to the mobile device to monitor the opening and closing of positions (street, shop, car, garage, work, kitchen, next room, etc.).

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