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RunwiseFX Intelligent Binary Options EA


Provides simplicity of binary options, but also eliminates the disadvantages of standard binary options, namely: the risk – to-profit ratio, fixed duration of transactions, poor choice of broker, a small number of indicators/alerts, no hidden stop loss/take profit, etc.

  • Risk-to-profit ratio 1:1, calculated automatically (configurable)
  • Manual (with an alert) or automatic entry to the market (subject to an alert)
  • Calculation of the lot size (money management) – based on the risk in the form of % from the funds in the account or a fixed value.
  • Compact interactive control panel on the chart that easily switches from manual to automatic mode and back
  • Automatic stop loss-uses a professional-level indicator.
  • The position of the stop loss and take profit can be changed manually by moving the lines on the chart
  • Hidden stop loss and take profit
  • The hidden stop loss always works on the bid price, and therefore does not work as a result of jumps in the spread
  • Sets the broker’s stop loss/take profit, but at a distance from the hidden / actual stop loss/take profit
  • Log entry of order execution time, slippage, and profit in a CSV file.
  • Optional stop loss, breakeven, and trend trailing based on market exit for advanced users
  • It includes a bonus in the form of Average True Range indicators, spread and supply and demand prices in large text with color changes.

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By default, the Expert Advisor notifies you when the market direction changes for the symbol and the period to which it is attached. The notification indicates the direction, and the corresponding button appears with the text Buy/Sell in white. You decide whether to follow this notification. When opening a trade, % of the risk is applied to calculate the lot size. You can change the default risk by configuring the Main_riskAmount input parameter .

The stop loss of the transaction is calculated automatically, and the take profit is set at a risk-to-profit ratio of 1:1, therefore, to make a profit, you need to make more correct than incorrect steps (taking into account the small cost of the transaction, for example, commission).

Auto Mode: You can set the EA to work automatically in a certain direction (buy/sell) by making changes in the selection field (as shown in the screenshots). When working in automatic mode, the Expert Advisor automatically opens a trade if the alert conditions are met. Set the value to Off or Alert in the selection field to turn off automatic properties. Note: After making a trade, the EA will return to Alert mode.

OnPullBack Mode: This mode is useful when you have received an alert, but the market has already moved a few pips. In this mode, the Expert Advisor opens a trade when the price has rolled back to the alert price (as often happens). This means that you will get a better price and are more likely to make a profit.

Advanced use: The stop loss is set manually without ticking the “SL Auto” field and by moving the line on the chart. You can also set up automatic trailing for the stop loss level. The “Breakeven” field allows you to enable the breakeven function without having to move the stop loss line. There is also a field for automatically closing a trade when the trend reverses. You can move the hidden stop loss line on the chart.

The MQL4Files folder in the MetaTrader data directory contains the runwiseFX_intelBinOpts_.csv file with trading results, such as execution time, slippage, etc..

Main_riskRewardRatio controls the risk / return ratio. Main_broker * ExtraPipsOrPrct can be used to increase / decrease the distance between broker SL/TP levels and hidden ones. You can change the location of the control panel in the Box_* parameter . The values of the other properties should be clear.


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