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TL/DR: Scalping with trend to ensure maximum profit and minimal drawdown. Try it, love it, own it.

Scalp Surgeon works with short time frame (5M) while having trend marker at higher time frame (30M~4H). 

Users are allowed to play with MA to find the best parameter for their pairs:

>> If you closed a trade too early while it is in trend? Reopen the trade at a better position than your closed position.

>> Choose your take profit and stop loss level.

>> Want less constraint? Change the % condition to meet to allow a trade to happen easier.

>> Multi-trade deals are allowed and controlled by users. This is not martingale but opening extra position when trend is still strong.

All these are adjustable in the input to control the EA.

Screenshots are result for:

>> EURUSD, July 1st 2020 ~ July 1st 2021

>> Deposit $1000, leverage 1:100

>> 5M Chart

>> Default parameters

**Note that result may vary according to Broker and Spread.

>> GBPUSD and EURUSD additional test run results are shown too. Ask us for the parameter set in the comment section.

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